Collaborations and supports

The GHPSJ Clinical Research Centre (CRC) has a mobile team throughout the hospital dedicated to research. The originality of this team lies in its ability to work transversally and in close collaboration with care teams and the patients.
The CRC works closely with industry and non industry sponsors, public and private health institutions, universities, research institutes and other specialised partners to support its own sponsoring activity (providers, CRO etc.).
Weekly service meetings allow the CRC team to discuss the progress of their assignments, the monitoring of inclusions and to participate in the interventions of external expert-researcher guests or staff of the institution.
The CRC’s activities are divided into two functional divisions: the “promotion pole” and the “investigation pole”.

Methodology, Statistics, Safety Management

The CRC performs duties within the local competences and ensures the connection with partner oraganisation (GIRCI, CHU including the URC, mainly the URC HEGP and other service providers) for subcontracted tasks, such as data management, methodological support, statistical analysis or drug safety of projects coordinated by a GHPSJ investigator.

Clinical Research Support Services

Permanent collaboration between the CRC and the Financial Affairs Department (management control and billing) ensures the monitoring and balancing of research-related funding.
The research activity is also supported by the expertise of transversal services, such as imaging, pharmacy, biology and “quality” management, which also develop their own research themactics. The pharmacy department is constantly collaborating with the CRC for the management of drugs and medical devices used in clinical trials.