Our Investigation Division

The investigation division is composed of a contract/agreement referent and a team of study coordinators assisting the clinical investigation, from initiation to trial closing out. The investigation division manages studies both externally (industry or non industry) and internally sponsored.

The study coordinators are at the interface between the different actors involved in clinical research (Sponsors, Technical Trades, Medical departments, Pharmacy).

In 2016, the investigation division managed 262 studies externally or internally sponsored. The number of patient included has been steadily increasing since the creation of the CRC. Thus, in 2016, 4,622 patients were included in interventional studies externally or internally sponsored.

The investigation division ensures and coordinates all missions related to clinical trial implementation within the sponsor’s deadlines:

  • Response to feasibility surveys
  • Establishement of contracts / agreements
  • Clinical trial initiation
  • Monitoring of patient inclusions and follow-ups in compliance to the protocol and the existing legislation
  • Research Quality Control
  • Clinical trial closing out.