Research support network

The GHPSJ maintains a strong partnership with several organisations in the field of research:

  • The Interregional Group of Clinical Research and Innovation (GIRCI) Ile de France;
  • The Faculty of Medicine of Paris Descartes University and the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris Sud University;
  • Institut Pasteur of Paris: pharmacology of anti-infectives, sepsis;
  • The Cycéron Center of Caen: Biomedical Research – Neurosciences;
  • Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals and in particular the HEGP Clinical Research Unit for the implementation of methodological, biostatistical and data management support activities (Gilles Chatellier, PhD);
  • The Hospital – University Department “Risk and Pregnancy” at which the maternity of the GHPSJ participates;
  • ESPIC hospitals in the Ile de France region through participation in the Research Commission of the Federation of Hospitals for Social Assistance (FEHAP);
  • Sainte Marie Hospital Foundation, Leopold Bellan Hospital and AURA within the hospital complex, for rehabilitation, geriatrics, neurology and nephrology specialties.